Big Picture: John Wick: Chapter 3

The third chapter in this ongoing series of mindless violence takes the good qualities of the first two movies and amplifies them tenfold. The action is more over-the-top, the music is more intense, there’s more vehicular chases and characters spout even more vague bad-ass dialogue. If you loved watching John Wick’s rampage following the death of his dog and if you loved watching him cut loose in the sequel, you will continue to love the experience in this brand-new action-packed roller-coaster.

-> This review does not contain spoilers.

Source: YouTube (Lionsgate Movies)

Whilst the best part of Chapter 3 was inevitably the action sequences, it was the world-building and elaboration on Wick’s backstory that brought them to life. Mindless violence is undeniably fun and Stahelski truly utilised the 18-rating to the best of its potential. However, it was seeing those elements of Wick’s past and more of the characters that we had grown to love or hate in the first two movies that was the truly rewarding experience. The more lore we uncover, the more mysteries that are created. This is a world that is vague, subtle and oh-so intriguing.

Part and parcel of this series is that each installment has to up the anti (good luck to the fourth one coming in 2021). Chapter 3 managed to succeed at this seamlessly as, without going into too much detail, John Wick pulls no punches. He turns everything in his surroundings into a weapon which is wonderfully entertaining. There’s still plenty of vehicle chases, gun-fights and hand-to-hand combat but, where the movie truly sparked the flame of excitement in the audience was those moments that leave you asking: “did he really just do that?”

Whilst the old characters are brought back, improved, given more depth and made more bad-ass than ever before, new characters that are introduced to the roster are just as exciting and well-written. Halle Berry’s character ‘Sofia’ brings forth with her some incredible action sequences and the Adjudicator introduces a whole new aspect of the High Table whilst also being a great hate-able villain that you just wanna punch the lights out of. She’s a real Joffrey and that’s amazing.

-> Final Thoughts

Chapter 3 is even better than what came before it and perfectly sets up the sequel. There’s a whole lot of world-building and new lore that the writers have delved into with subtlety and style that is truly commendable. Stahelski also deserves a modicum of praise as, despite the movie primarily being set during night-time, John Wick is yet again colourful, beautifully shot and exciting. It’s not dark, dim or boringly washed out: every scene is a visual treat.


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